Monday, December 14, 2015

State Championship - 1st Place Jason Cossey

The first Arkansas State Champion hails from the RTT Northwest Arkansas Trail. Jason Cossey had some strong finishes this season, but never could quite get over the hump and capture the victory. He put it all together for the biggest event of the year! Congratulations Jason, the championship competitors faced tough conditions and you grinded out a great limit to beat the best the state had to offer!

1st Place finisher Jason Cossey with his brand new Wilderness Systems ATAK, Custom Manly Rod, and trophy provided by Rusty Nail Woodworks. Jason also took home over $1400 cash!
I started on Saturday morning to pre fish a while and check if my fish I had found three weeks ago were still where I had left them. I picked up my F.O.M custom spinnerbait and started in the pocket right by the camp and caught 3 nice fish right away so I decided to head down the lake and see if this pattern would hold true. By the time I got to the dam I had a limit of 15-16" fish and was pretty happy with that. At that point I decided to pick up the F.O.M custom jig and check a brushpile I had found a few weeks earlier and right off I found a 19 1/2" fish. My mind was leading to the next days tournament and the possibility of a good day!

Sunday morning was a different story, I picked up my custom spinnerbait and started chunking. When I didn't get so much of as a bite by 830 I started to get a little worried. The pattern had died and I was lost. I pulled into a pocket where I had always caught a nice one and snatched up a 14" first fish. Then I realized the wind was switching direction and it was actually getting cooler.

My mind went to the brushpile and the good jig fish I had caught the previous day, so I eased over to it and picked up my jig rod and went to work. Within a few casts I had a 17" fish and two others. Talking to others I found out everyone was struggling. I again picked up my spinnerbait with the same outcome... no bass! I knew I had to have one more keeper to be even in the money so I headed back to the place where I had started. First cast landed me another keeper on a jig, at that point I got that tingling feeling I had a good enough sack to do well! Then I upgraded! Man, what a blessing! The rest will go down as the most memorable win I have ever had!

I want to give a huge thank you to all of you guys running these events and applaud you for the amazing job you have all done! I look forward to fishing with you all next year!

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