Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Poll Results - Best Kayak Bass Fishing Water in Arkansas 2015

The results are in, after well over a month of voting, the readers have chosen the best kayak bass fishing water this state has to offer. I have fished both bodies of water and can personally attest to the quality of both fisheries. Without further ado, here they are!

Best Kayak Bass Fishing Lake

Lincoln Lake

Lincoln, Arkansas

Jackie Wright is known locally as the Godfather of Lincoln Lake, I asked him what he thought makes the lake so productive: "Lincoln like allows no gas motors has plenty of vegetation, including lily pads on one end. There is deep water along the bluffs and the lake is just chock full of quality largemouth plus some pretty big cat fish, crappie, and sunfish."

Jackie with one of his many Lincoln Lake Hawgs

Best Kayak Bass Fishing River

Crooked Creek

Newton, Boone, Marion County

My good friends Kyle Fields and Josh Sherrill were the first people to take me to Crooked Creek and both anglers of had a ton of success on this beautiful river.

Kyle: "Crooked Creek is a pristine stream that holds an abundance of trophy bass. In this blue ribbon smallmouth stream, you have a chance of catching a fish of a life time with every cast. It is my favorite because we never have to worry about it being over crowded and the fish are always biting!"

Josh: "What I love about Crooked Creek is that it's always an adventure. We never go on a day trip, its always a over nighter. It has lots of gravel bars to camp on and is very secluded. The quality of the smallmouth in Crooked is incomparable to any other stream in Akansas."

Kyle with another nice Crooked Creek smallie
One of many quality smallies Josh has pulled from Crooked
So there you have it, the best of the best chosen by our readers. But don't get me wrong Arkansas is filled with wonderful fishing locations, post up below to give other anglers a list of places to hit in 2016!


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