Thursday, September 17, 2015

Winners Circle - Kevin Brandenburg

Kevin Brandenburg jumped into the winners circle earlier this summer with his victory on Lake Ft Smith. Kevin is one of the founding members of the Western Arkansas Kayak Anglers and serves on the leadership team for The Razoryak Tournament Trail. He has helped the kayak fishing tournament community grow throughout the entire state. Thanks for all you have done for the sport Kevin and congrats on the victory!
Kevin showing off his winnings

Angler Profile

Name: Kevin Brandenburg

City: Van Buren, Arkansas

Home Lake: Lee Creek Reservoir

Kayak: Feel Free Lure 13.5

Favorite Technique: Soft Plastic Finesse

Event Won: Lake Fort Smith (Western Arkansas Kayak Anglers)

Describe Your Victory: I started working the shallows and along weed beds with spinners and drop shots with little luck, switched to a blackberry ribbon tail from Golden’s Baits and started catching them along the weed beds and beside a small concrete bridge. I kept working that area and found that they were there, and they liked the plastic.

What got you into kayak fishing?: I got into kayak fishing about three years ago. The hassle of getting the bass boat ready for the day when I just wanted to get out there on the water, finally wore on me. I wanted to get on the water within 15 minutes from deciding with little to no cost every time I went out. Kayak fishing was the perfect solution and I found that I can actually work spots better in a kayak then I can from a boat. I can get up in the further into the shallows and sneak up to some great areas. Later, getting involved with the kayak fishing community has really solidified the sport for me and the only one left out has been my bass boat which has now been sitting unused for three years.

Tips for a beginning tournament angler: The number one tip is to get involved. This is my first year doing tournament fishing in a kayak and even though I have seen clubs in Arkansas sporting the events, I was hesitant because of not knowing anyone and even afraid that perhaps my abilities and experience wouldn’t compete against others. That’s far from the truth. One thing about the Arkansas Kayak Anglers from Northwest Arkansas, Western Arkansas Kayak Anglers from Western Arkansas and the Kayak Bass Anglers out of central Arkansas is that there are a wide range of knowledge and experience within these clubs and unlike many larger bass tournament competitions, everyone is willing to share techniques and help each other out. If your goal is have fun, learn more about fishing, meet new friends and possibly win a tournament, then this is a sport for you.

With his victory Kevin qualified for the Arkansas State Championship, thanks for sharing your story and good luck the rest of the season.

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