Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Ten Anglers That Drive a Tourney Director Crazy

This post is all in good fun, but in every joke lies a little truth. I love to compete at a high level, fishing in tournaments is one of my passions. But running a close second is being the tournament director of a successful event. Seeing people have a great time and make new friends is really what the sport is all about to begin with. I have been honored to serve as tournament director for my fair share of events on our trail, but as anyone who has held the post knows, you better have some good people skills.

This is a short list of some of the characters that can drive kayak fishing tourney directors up a wall and crack us up at the same time.
  1. Early Risers - As tourney director you set the alarm for zero dark thirty and arrive at the ramp an hour before registration starts to set up. Yet there is always that one guy who beats you there, sitting in the dark in his truck, waiting to hover over you with his entry fee as you fumble with your headlamp.
  2. Late Arrivers -  The whistle blows and you take a deep breath, taking pride in how smooth registration went all morning. Just as you are putting away all the registration forms to enjoy your coffee, a carpool full of anglers rolls in begging you to let them still enter the event.
  3. Bad Photographers - No matter how detailed the captains meetings are or how many times the director goes over and/or demonstrates proper CPR technique; there always seems to be the same one or two anglers that absolutely cannot take a good picture.
  4. The High Roller - The entry fee is $20 and this guy shows with a benjamin, come on man go buy a McMuffin before you get there and break that thing.
  5. Mr. Excuses - Battery died, identifier washed off or fell in, camera broke, hawg trough broke, I FORGOT etc... You know the guy, and if you don't? You him ...
  6. The Lingerer - Judging a CPR tournament manually can be time intensive. What no TD wants is a angler lingering by the judges tent to lean in there and explain why that 13" fish is really 13.5"
  7. The Mean Mugger - I know you didn't win the tournament, but when I am handing you that nice, sponsor provided prize, you won in a raffle... Smile for the camera :)
  8. Old School - TD begins going through photos on IPhones, Droids, and 2000 megapixel cameras. Then comes to the very first digital camera ever made with no SD card and a cord that looks like a garden hose.
  9. Rage Monster - Thinks he/she should win or place at every tournament. Packs up and squeals out of the parking lot before most anglers are even off the water if they have had a bad day.
  10. Mr. Dock Talk - Knows somebody, who knows somebody, that knows the exact lure and location that will win the tournament. Blabs it all over the ramp before the takeoff. Doesn't really affect the TD, but it is entertaining to watch ...
So like I said, this post is all in good fun. The wide variety of personalities and different characters is what I think makes the kayak fishing community the best one on the planet. Get out to the next event near you and see if you can pick out the anglers that fit the descriptions and have a good laugh. Tight lines everyone, see you on the water...

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