Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Catch Photo Release, You might be doing it wrong

Catch Photo Release (CPR) is standard practice for kayak bass tournament fisherman. Anglers believe that this method helps reduce fish mortality by keeping them out of a live well and getting them back into the lake or river where they belong. In theory and when carried out properly CPR works great, but newsflash, a lot of you are doing it wrong.

Get the pic and get the fish back in the water asap
Most studies show that a bass should not be out of the water any longer than a typical human can hold his/her breath. That comes out to about 1 minute. There has been an increasing number of anglers however that are doing things that push the fish pass this threshold. Measuring the fish is trumping taking care of the fish more and more. Anglers are using stringer clips, straps, and other restraining devices to make sure they don't lose their catch before a measurement is made and photo can be taken. All of this adds time and stress to the fish.

So next time you're on the water and decide to get a photo on the board, time yourself, make sure whatever method you are using to get that picture is minimizing stress on the fish and gets them back in the water in under a minute. Don't forget protecting our resource is what Catch Photo Release is supposed to be all about.

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