Monday, July 27, 2015

Kayak Fishing ... I do this because I want to, not because I have to

Fishing as a hobby is fantastic, whether its from the bank or a $50,000 bass boat, being on or near the water is the best place in the world for fishing addicts like me. There are many ways to enjoy the sport, and after years participating in different kinds of fishing activities/approaches, kayak fishing has me hooked (pun intended).

Stalking the reeds with a friend
Like most of you I have fished from the bank, a pier, power boat, canoe, or off a bridge. Basically I fished anywhere I could wet a line and relax. But there is something about kayak fishing that is different, almost spiritual. The human powered aspect of kayak fishing makes landing a monster fish much more gratifying to me. The versatility you get with most modern fishing kayaks makes the water an angler can target almost limitless. I have pulled my Wilderness Systems Ride 135 through halfway dried up creeks, and had it BTB in the Gulf of Mexico. Kayaks are not limited to fresh or saltwater. They are not limited to rivers or lakes. They are truly a "plug and play" fishing tool that can be used almost anywhere. There is a common misconception I run into however regarding how some anglers view kayak fisherman from outside of our sport. It is the idea that folks that fish from kayaks "have to do that", "can't afford a real boat", or "that's cool if you can't get a boat" etc...

They aren't looking down on kayak anglers or being rude, although you do run into a few of those. I just think folks don't realize that most of us want to fish from these kayaks, we don't have to. I am not rich by any means, but I have built a solid career. The financial aspect of owning a bass boat would be very attainable, I just don't want one. And yes there are definitely some financial benefits to fishing from a plastic boat (no gas, insurance, maintenance, etc.. ), but that's not why I do it. There are many anglers I know that feel the same way, many of who have sold power boats shortly after trying our sport. Lots of anglers use the kayak as another fishing platform to go along with a power boat or whatever, and that's awesome too. As for me, unless my body/motor breaks down at some point, I will always be a kayak angler. So the next time you back that ranger down the ramp and see some guys unloading their kayaks, don't feel sorry for them, they are probably right where they want to be.


  1. Nailed it, I have a boat but I choose to fish from a kayak! It's my passion!

    1. Thanks for the read and reply Drew, it is definitely my passion as well

  2. This is a individuals derived ingredient of kayak offshore fishing would make ending up your enormous stripper extra fully satisfying with me. A variety you will enjoy by using most modern offshore fishing kayaks would make this type of water a strong fisher might aim for just about indefinite.

  3. There are plenty of fishermen I recognize this have the same manner, quite a lot of who definitely have bought electricity ships after making an attempt all of our sport activity. Numerous fishermen use a kayak when a further offshore fishing stand so that you can complement an electrical watercraft and also anything, and that is certainly magnificent very. In the western world people, except in cases where this body/motor breaks down ultimately, I actually have been your kayak fisher.

  4. I couldn't agree more. I kayak fish myself and I just love the privacy and intimacy that it gives. And what I want is just be on waters and be alone with my thoughts. Thanks for sharing this, definitely sheds awareness.