Saturday, June 27, 2015

Winners Circle - Jason Kincy

Jason with a nice one
New to the winners circle this week, Jason Kincy. This is Jason's first full year on the tournament circuit but he is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with at each event. His consistent high finishes have him sitting in the top five on the NWA Trail and it was exciting to see him break through with this victory!

Angler Profile

Name: Jason Kincy

City: Bentonville, AR

Home Lake: Loch Lomond, Bella Vista

Kayak: Native Propel 10

Favorite Technique: Topwater fishing – Heddon Zara Spook

Event Won: RTT WAKA Arkansas River Run

Describe Your Victory: I’d never fished anywhere south of Washington County so it was all a mystery to me, which led to a lot of online research. Because of all the rain, WAKA opened this event up to lakes in addition to rivers, which was more of a strength for me. I settled on going to Sugarloaf Lake south of Hackett primarily because it was an AGFC managed lake that had very few creeks running into it and felt it would have clearer water than some of the other options. Started out well, catching three keepers by 7:30 using my Super Spook Jr (Foxy Shad) around the grass lines. The bite disappeared and I tried everything I could think of. About 11:30 I made a decision to load up and head over to Greenwood Lake, another place I’d never been. After fishing on Greenwood Lake for quite a while with no bites, I was dejected and wanted to give up. But you can’t ever give up in a tournament, you have to grind and find a way. I switched up to some different soft plastics and once again tried what little timber I could find in the lake. My two biggest fish came on back to back casts, including the one that won me Big Bass for the event. Following this new pattern, I picked up two more keepers before I had to race to get my card in the bucket on time.

What got you into kayak fishing?: I’d fished some as a kid with my dad, who I didn’t live with when growing up, but hadn’t done any real fishing for almost 30 years. Fishing with him was where we spent the most time together so it was something I remembered well. A friend of mine, Justin Phillips, convinced me to rent a kayak and to fish on Memorial Day 2014 and I was immediately hooked and my love of fishing as a kid came back to me. This sport has been a perfect way to see the outdoors, exercise, relieve stress, meet new people and really challenge me. I’m now on my second kayak and am officially addicted. Over this past year I’ve worked very hard to learn all I can about fishing and to improve and my dad has been a great help sharing his expertise and tips with me – really getting us both excited about fishing again.

Tips for a beginning tournament angler: I’m not expert enough to give out many tips, but I do know one thing. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and learn from other people. You have to absorb everything you can and then try to apply this information to the different situations. One of the great things about the Arkansas Kayak Anglers are some of the really good fishermen who are not only very welcoming but also don’t mind sharing ideas and techniques with each other. Even though some of us compete in tournaments, it makes everyone a better fisherman to swap tips and stories. Hopefully I can help someone out in the same way someday. I’d like to thank the AKA guys (you know who you are) who have been very welcoming and helpful to me.

Thanks for sharing some great info Jason, have a great summer and good luck down the stretch on NWA Razoryak Tournament Trail!

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