Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Winners Circle - Benny Williams

Benny with a nice chunk caught on a jerkbait
Welcome to the winners circle Benny Williams! Benny is one of a large contingent of talented kayak anglers that have joined The Razoryak Tournament Trail this season. His victory is definitely one of the most impressive. Fishing flooded conditions at Lake Ft Smith he was one of only three anglers to bring a limit in that day.

Angler Profile

Name: Benny Williams III

City: Fayetteville, AR

Home Lake: Sugarloaf Lake

Kayak: Perception Sport Striker 11.5

Favorite Technique: Jerkbait

Event Won: RTT NWA #4 – Lake Fort Smith

Describe your victory: I was very fortunate to win this event. While pre-fishing I was able to narrow down my bait selection to a 6” worm on a drop shot and on tournament day I stumbled onto an area where several quality fish were piled up. My original plan was to target the shad spawn early in the morning with moving baits and then move out to main lake points and drops as the day progressed. Due to the recent rains there were several areas where water was flowing into the lake from the surrounding mountains. I was able to have some success and fill out a limit early on by targeting these areas. I think the fish were positioned below the current not only to take advantage of the forage washing in but also for the high oxygen content in the water. Another key to my victory was landing all of the fish that bit and taking good pictures without losing them off of the Hawg Trough.

What got you into kayak fishing?: The sport of kayak fishing is something new to me and something that really sparked my interest through social media. I have always been a bass boat guy but was lured to the kayak side for the cost savings, minimal carbon footprint and the new challenge it would present. The people I have met since I started a couple of months ago have all been welcoming and a blast to be around. I look forward to all of the great memories I will make in the sport and how it will contribute to me becoming a better angler and a better person!

Tips for a beginning tournament angler: For a new angler starting out I think my best advice would be to keep things simple. Everything from keeping your kayak organized and clutter free all of the way to bait selection and gear. I have found that fishing your strengths and removing as many distractions as possible will make you are safer and more consistent angler.

Yak Fish Arkansas would like to thank Benny and all the other contributors to the winners circle for sharing their keys to success, good luck the rest of the season. As always, go to razoryak.com to find and event near you.

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