Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Winners Circle - Adam Castle

Adam with a pre spawn HAWG
Welcome to the winners circle Adam Castle! Adam is a regular on the tournament scene in central Arkansas. He is known for targeting a large variety of species from his kayak on the Ouachita River System Lakes. Adam is also on the Native Watercraft Pro Staff and a member of the Central Arkansas Kayak Anglers (CAKA). 

Angler Profile

Name: Adam Castle

City: Hot Springs, AR

Home lake: Ouachita river system

Kayak: Native Slayer Propel 13 and Native Versa Board

Favorite technique: Jerk Bait

Event Won: CAKA - Little Maumelle River

Describe Your Victory: Caught my limit within the first two hours, but my big bite came slow. Finally hooked into a very big largemouth, probably in the 6 pound range, jumped 3 foot out of the water right next to my boat and spit the hook out. I became so disgusted I put down my fishing pole and sat there for several minutes. Decided to eat a snack, while I sat there I noticed in front of me in the lily pads several fish moving around. When I finally calmed down I decided to go and investigate. Within the last two hours of fishing I caught three of my keepers in those lily pads. Along with my biggest of the day being 18 inches. Two other people caught a bigger ones, but no one could match my best five. I won by 4".

What got you into Kayak fishing?: Went floating on the Buffalo one year in a rented canoe. As we sat on the bank resting on one of the shoals someone came by in a well rigged fishing kayak. At that moment I knew exactly what I wanted, six months later my entire family had a kayak of their own.

Tips for a beginning tournament angler: Pre-fish, pre-fish, pre-fish! Always pre-fish The area you plan to have the tournament in, and do it during the hours of the tournament. You can't go into an area and expect to out fish talented fisherman without having a plan.

Congrats on the win Adam and thanks for sharing some great info! Good luck to you and the rest of the kayak anglers around the state the rest of the season!

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