Monday, May 4, 2015

Winners Circle - David Avery

Yak Fish Arkansas welcomes David Avery to the winners circle this week. David is a regular at CAKA events and loves chasing fish on any of Arkansas's beautiful streams and rivers. With his victory David became eligible to fish the first Arkansas State Kayak Bass Fishing Championship

Angler Profile
David with a nice smallie on the Fly

Name:  David Avery

City:  North Little Rock

Home Lake:  I wouldn't say that I have one. Outside of tournaments, I seldom fish lakes. I don't get out as often as I would like, and when I do, I'm usually chasing trout or smallies on rivers and creeks.

Kayak:  Native Ultimate 14.5 Solo

Favorite Technique:  Probably light-line finesse fishing, but top-water frog fishing in heavy cover would be a close second

Event Won:  CAKA Lake Ouachita 

Describe Your Victory:  Based on the winning technique from last spring's CAKA tourney on Ouachita, my plan was to concentrate on shallow flats in the backs of the coves and creeks. I had scouted by Google Earth and had several locations in mind. The first cove I went into produced a couple of blow-ups on a frog, but no hooked fish.  Coming out of that cove, I caught a 13" spotted bass on a finesse worm off the point.  That was the only fish I caught all day that wasn't far back in a cove. The next small creek I went into gave up two fish, 15" and 16.5" largemouth, on a fluke (which ended up producing all but two of my fish for the day).  I caught a 16.75 and 17.5 in my next spot and had a limit by 10:30. It struck me that every fish I had caught had been bigger than the last.  Another 15" fish from spot #3 ended the pattern of increasingly bigger fish but allowed me to cull the 13" spot. At that point I had 80.75 inches. I knew that was a good limit, but last year's spring tournament at Ouachita produced several limits in the neighborhood of 80 inches. I really felt like I needed an 18" or better fish to anchor my limit, but all I could manage the rest of the day were a couple of 13 and 14 inch fish. 80.75 turned out to be good enough. Several people caught better fish than anything I had, but I was lucky enough to be the only one with a full limit of quality of fish.

What got you into kayak fishing?:  I love the simplicity. Life has enough complications without fishing being one of them.  The trend in kayak fishing seems to be more gizmos, gadgets, and doo-dads, and you see kayak anglers now with more gear and better electronics than some basscar anglers. But what attracted me to kayak fishing and what I still like best is the ability to get out with a minimum of accoutrements and enjoy doing something that doesn't have to be complicated to be done well.

Tips for a beginning tournament angler:  Have a plan. Fish baits and techniques that you have confidence in (not necessarily the ones that are hot or trendy at the moment). Practice with your camera and measuring board before you get on the water.

Congratulations on your victory David and good luck the rest of the year!

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