Thursday, May 21, 2015

Winners Circle - Ben Morton

YakFish Arkansas welcomes Ben Morton to the winners circle. Ben is on the Native Watercraft and Golden's Baits Pro Staff. He is also one of the founders of the Arkansas Kayak Anglers and The Razoryak Tournament Trail. Ben is well known in NWA for trying different fishing techniques and for his creativity when it comes to rigging kayaks for fishing.

Angler Profile

Name: Ben Morton

Home Town: Louisville, TN

Home Lake: Fort Loudon and Tellico Reservoirs

Kayak: Native Watercraft Slayer 12, Slayer Propel 10, and Versa Board

Favorite Technique: Always changing

Event Won: RazorYak Tournament Trail - Beaver Lake Spring Road Runner

Describe Your Victory: I sight fished visible windblown ledges close to spawning areas and laydowns using a Golden's Baits hand injected Trick Worm on a shakey head.

What got you into kayak fishing?: Fished out of canoes and bass boats for years. After moving to NWA I had to find an option that I could store at a an apartment.  Kayaks fit that niche perfectly.  Also it was a fantastic way to meet people who liked to do what I like to do.

Tips for a beginning tournament angler: Do not be afraid to ask questions. The greatest part about kayak fishing are the people who take part in it.  From my experience, I find kayak anglers to be much more sociable, up front, and honest than a lot of those in the big boat crowd.  Many folks are more than willing and even enjoy to help, teach, lend equipment, shuttle, and show someone new places and tactics in this sport.  It has been my experience that if someone wants to learn, all they have to do is ask.

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