Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Winners Circle - Jason Adams

Yak Fish Arkansas welcomes Jason Adams to the winners circle. This is Jason's first year competing on The Razoryak Tournament Trail, but he has stormed out of the gates with a 4th and 1st place finish on the NWA trail to take a early lead in the angler of the year race.

Angler Profile

Name: Jason Adams

City: Bentonville

Home Lake: Millwood north of Texarkana, AR

Kayak: Wilderness Systems Ride 11.5

Favorite Technique: Finesse fishing and site fishing during the spawn

Event Won: RTT Northwest Arkansas Road Runner

Describe Your Victory: My strategy was to stick to my plan. I know my style and stuck to it. I didn't fall prey to all the "dock talk". So many times we hear about how someone caught fish with this lure or that lure and a tournament just isn't a time to experiment. That's not to say I didn't practice and explore. Google Earth was a great tool to help me find a place to fish. I've really only fished the Bella Vista lakes in a kayak and the Razoryak Tournament Trail has gotten me out of my comfort zone. I practiced at three places on Beaver; Monte Ne, Prairie Creek, and War Eagle. I zeroed on the first two locations but did well at War Eagle. It must have been something to do with the stained water. On the maps I looked for the northern banks (that has the most sun throughout the day) with the most stained water and that's what I fished. When it comes to bait selection I had three rods with a jig, crank bait, and a worm tied on. The Texas rigged worm worked the best but I had to go lighter or heavier with the weight depending on the wind. One of the most important things I did was practiced taking pictures of the fish. I think that is the most difficult part of it. They say "practice make perfect" but I like to say "perfect practice makes perfect".

What got you into kayak fishing?: I love to fish and didn’t want the expenses that comes with owning a bass boat. Kayaks allowed me to fish longer and when I get home I can go inside without parking and unloading the boat.

Tips for a beginning tournament angler: Spend as much time on the water as possible. Keep a log of when and where you fished. Take pictures of every catch. Apps likeFish Brain (http://www.fishbrain.com) andFishing Calendar (http://www.sis.si/fishing-calendar) can be used to log catches. It makes it easy to go back to previous years to see what lure was working and where.

Competitive Kayak Fishing is growing across the natural state. As it grows the number of talented anglers competing also increases, thank you to all the event winners that have been willing to share their secrets to help make us all better anglers.


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