Monday, April 20, 2015

Winners Circle - Brandon Fink

Next up in the winners circle is Brandon Fink. Brandon fished the inaugural event on the RTT Central Arkansas Trail. The event was put on by the Kayak Bass Anglers of Central Arkansas. Anglers faced tough conditions and a slow bite, but Brandon was able to grind out a victory. 

Angler Profile

Name: Brandon Fink

City: Austin, AR

Home Lake: Lake Barnett

Kayak: Native Slayer Propel 13

Favorite Technique: Cranking/Jigging

Event Won: RTT Central Arkansas - Lake Catherine presented by the KBA

Describe Your Victory: Thought I could do some good using drop shot, I was wrong. I guess we had been fishing for a hour or so and I had seen some breaking the water and tied on a spinnerbait, well lucky for me that one 18" fish is all it took for that victory.

What got you into kayak fishing?: I actually started out fishing in a bass boat with my dad, we fished lots of Maumelle's Tuesday and Friday night tourneys. We slacked up on those eventually due to work and being so busy. I've always loved fishing and not everyone could go when I was able so that's what led me to the kayak, don't need anyone with me well except for safety but they'll be in their own kayak so it was a win win. You don't have to worry about keeping the boat straight so the angler in the back can have just as much opportunity as you do. In the kayak all you do is fish, no one to get upset about you being in the front catching all the fish. LOL.

Tips for a beginning tournament angler: The one major tip I could give a beginner is "PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!!" The more you can fish the better you'll get, just like any other sport.

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