Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Fish Don't Know

Fisherman in general can sometimes get caught up in an "arms race" of sorts. Trying to keep up with the latest tackle trends, newest rods and reels, and of course the latest boats. Staying one step ahead or at least keeping up with your fishing buddies is a game we all play. In some fishing communities this has gone to the extreme. The elitist attitude and skyrocketing costs associated with the bass boat world has created an influx of people into kayak fishing. The kayak angling community is fantastic and I hope it stays that way, and as long as we all remember why we got into it it should get even better. At the end of the day the fish we are after don't know and probably don't care who we are or where we came from.

Take someone kayak fishing this year
The fish don't know what/where you are fishing from. You can chunk a jig from the bank or a $75,000 bass boat, if you put it in the right spot, you will catch them. While getting to the fish may be easier in certain set ups, no angler should look down their nose at another because of how or what they fish from. They fish don't know or care what is up there.

The fish don't know what kind of kayak you fish from. There a lot of options to choose from when picking a fishing kayak. I prefer wilderness systems products, but I definitely don't discriminate against anyone that chooses another brand, and neither do the fish.

The fish don't know your race, sex, or religious background. Going fishing gets people away from all of life's daily distractions. It also erases stereotypes, it can be enjoyed by any person from any background. The fish don't know or care what color you are or what your religious beliefs may be.

The fish don't know how old you are. One of the coolest things about the sport of kayak fishing is that it is truly open to a person of any age that can safely operate a kayak. Fish are unaware that the angler above the water trying to trick them into biting may be eight or eighty years old.

In a lot of areas spring has sprung and the fishing is really getting good. So get out there and enjoy yourself, invite someone kayak fishing that has never been. The more people we get involved the better off the sport will be. Even if they are a complete newbie they could stumble on a giant and be hooked on the sport for life, because remember the fish don't care or know anything about who is up there, but we should.

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