Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Free Web Tools for the Kayak Angler

The internet has become almost as essential in our daily lives as air and water. Phones, tablets, laptops, and other devices keep us all in constant contact with what is going on around the world and in our own social circles. Some people would like to go back to the good ole days of rotary phones and get rid of all of the "digital distractions" that are out there. But if you embrace technology it can make life so much easier in many ways, including making you a better angler.

As a kayak fisherman the internet offers a wealth of resources to make an anglers fishing adventures even better. There are so many websites, apps, and other tools that offer FREE information. You just have to know where to look. 

Best Free Tools on the Internet
  1. Navionics Web App - This is my favorite tool on the internet. Map study is very important, and this free web tool has detailed contoured maps of most major bodies of water around the country. 
  2. FishIdy - Similar to Navionics, this site has Lake maps available at no cost. The maps are not as detailed but it does offer fishing reports uploaded by individual anglers on different bodies of water.
  3. Google Earth - Everyone has probably used google earth, but dig a little deeper into this tool and uncover some of the extras it offers (measuring paddling distance is one I use a lot).
  4. Wired2Fish - This site offers tons of free informational articles and videos on just about every fishing technique out there. 
  5. Bassresource - See above description ....
  6. Weather Channel - Like google earth, this is a pretty well known site. But it also has some hidden tools that can help a kayak angler including a nice solunar table for your area. 
  7. Kayak Fishing Forums - Forums like,, and offer anglers endless sources of information provided by other kayak fisherman.
  8. YouTube - 30milesout, LakeForkGuy, Flukemaster, and wired2fish are some of my favorite YouTube channels. There are also many rigging videos, product reviews, and trip reports to be found all over this site. 
  9. USGS (US Geological Survey) - Offers river levels around the state free of charge.
  10. - The best resource for kayak bass fishing tournaments around the state of Arkansas. 
There are many more wonderful web tools out there for kayak fisherman to use. If you know of any please share them by posting in the comments below. 

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