Sunday, February 1, 2015

You Might be a Kayak Fisherman If ...

Kayak fisherman are a unique bunch. The mix of different personalities, a fun/welcoming atmosphere, and the enjoyment of being on the water in a kayak has lead to a boom in the yak fishing community across the country. There are websites, videos, Facebook pages, and blogs like this one springing up everywhere. Whether you are new to the sport or have been around since before it was "cool", there are few quirky things that may identify you as a part of this awesome club of anglers.

You might be a kayak fisherman if:
  1. You have received a strange/dirty look at the boat ramp
  2. Your electronics cost more than your boat
  3. You know what a scupper hole is
  4. Every time you drive by a stack of milk crates you do a double take
  5. You have a strange affinity for zip ties and rivets
  6. When someone asks how big that fish was, you answer "_____ inches"
  7. You know Sit On Top is not a vulgar phrase
  8. Your garage is full of  PVC scraps
  9. CPR is what you use to save fish, not people 
  10. You have at least one rod/reel at the bottom of your favorite lake
  11. You have fallen out of your boat while standing to cast
  12. There is a kayak in your living room
  13. Or your kitchen
  14. You feel like clipping safety leashes on everything
  15. You think bungee cord is awesome
  16. Your casting accuracy is better sitting than standing 
  17. You understand a Sleigh Ride has nothing to do with Christmas
There are plenty of other funny things that make yak fisherman unique. Post up any other quirky things that describe the folks involved with the greatest fishing community on the planet. See ya on the water!


  1. I dunno, a sleigh ride feels just like Christmas to me

  2. Haha, I think I have experienced #1 way too many times, and while several of the others are applicable to me as well it hurts to read #10 because that one has happened to me once as well and it still pains me to think about it.

  3. #10 on DeGray, Ouachita, Crooked Creek, Saline River, Buffalo, and White - recovered someone else's #10 on CC, White, and Saline - what goes around comes around! FYI - I am now using rod leashes more consistently

  4. Thanks for the feedback, the list is definitely from experience lol

  5. Great list. I have shamelessly stolen it to paste to my page with credit of course.