Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Team X-treme, a different kind of competition

There are a lot of kayak fishing competitions springing up around the country. Online and live events for specific species are probably the most popular. Team X-treme has come up with a unique concept that gets anglers out of their "comfort zone" making them fish for the longest fish from a variety of species. There are other multi-species events out there but this one gives the casual angler a better chance to compete.

The competition is free to join and is set up to be fun for everyone involved. Sponsor prizes and trophies will be given away to challenge winners.

The format centers around the Species Eliminator, anglers compete in challenges throughout out the year and race to knock off all of the species listed below. They receive a point for each species they check off the list and additional points for the longest fish in a particular category.

FISH Min "
LargeMouth Bass 15
Smallmouth Bass 13
Spotted Bass 13
Rock Bass 8
White Bass 15
Hybrid Bass 19
Striped Bass 21
Yelllow Bass 8
Flathead 18
Blue Cat 18
Channel  18
Walleye 18
Buffalo ANY
Drum ANY
Crappie 12
Rainbow Trout 13
Brown Trout 13
Chain Pickerel 19
Northern Pike 19
Redear Sunfish 7
Bluegill 7
Green Sunfish 7
Longear Sunfish 7
Alligator Gar 24
Longnose Gar 24
Spotted Gar 24
Shortnose Gar 24
Carp 18
Grinnell 18
Skipjack 14

A measuring device is required and each angler will be assigned a unique identifier prior to starting their challenge. Go to Facebook and join the group page to get more info and/or contact Marc Coats. If you join the Team X-Treme competition, good luck out there! Tight Lines everyone!

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