Monday, January 26, 2015

Table Rock Lake

Cricket Creek Rec Area
Table Rock Lake, when most anglers hear that name they think of heading across the border to Missouri and dropping their spouse off at the Branson outlet mall while they fish this fantastic body of water. But if you don't want to take a big hit on your credit card, there are several places where Table Rock Lake sneaks across the Arkansas state line.

Although the main body of Table Rock lies in the Ozarks of southwest Missouri, a segment dips into northwest Arkansas in several places. Like Beaver Lake and Bull Shoals, Table Rock is another reservoir formed by Arkansas's legendary white river. There is a "white river border lakes" license that covers bodies of water that dip into both states, it is an additional $10 fee added on to your regular permit.

Main Species: Largemouth, Smallmouth and Spotted Bass, White Crappie, Channel and Flat Head Catfish
Secondary Species: White Bass, Bullhead, Carp, Black Crappie, Walleye, and Stripers
Table Rock Lake - Arkansas Launch Points
  1. Cricket Creek Rec Area - My son goes to college just down the road from this access point. He has landed multiple 4-5  pound large mouth just bank fishing around this area during his downtime. Kayak anglers have a shot at some healthy sized spotted bass here as well. 
  2. Yokum Creek Access - Similar water to cricket creek, anglers can chase both spotted and large mouth bass from this launch point.
  3. Beaver Town - From North West Arkansas this is the closest access point. This is the very upper end of Table Rock and fishes almost more like a river. Anglers that launch here can can get into a mixed bag depending on the time of year. I have caught bass, walleye, white bass, and have heard of striper feeding on trout washed down from the dam, roaming this area. There is plenty of parking and places to launch here. 
Table Rock is a great fishery and if you want to make a trip into Missouri, buy an out of state license and go explore the lake. But don't forget Arkansasan's have some access on our side of the border if you know where to go.  

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