Monday, January 26, 2015

No Motor? No Problem! - NWA No Motor Lakes

One of the coolest things about kayak fishing is the ability to "go where others can't". You hear that mantra all around the yak fishing community, in ads and on social media. Small streams, shallow water, or other inaccessible areas are usually what people are referring to. Well here in Northwest Arkansas (NWA) that saying applies to one of our many "no motor" lakes.

Spread throughout NWA are some small lakes managed by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission that are limited either paddlers or electric trolling motors only. While these lakes may be small, several of them offer kayak anglers a shot at some trophy size large mouth bass without the worry of a overzealous bass boater running them over.

Top 3 NWA No Motor Lakes
  1. Lincoln Lake - Just north of Lincoln, Arkansas sits Lincoln Lake. This small 90 acre lake is known for producing some giant largemouth bass. I have heard stories of three bass over seven pounds being caught on one trip here. The lake is formed by two small feeder creeks and can get somewhat mossy in the summer months.The water is slightly stained and there is a wide variety of cover for anglers to target. There is a small boat ramp and an improved parking area. 

  2. Siloam Springs City Lake - City Lake as it is known to the locals is a gem hidden in plain sight. This small lake sits on the edge of Siloam Springs, just north of John Brown University. Formed by Flint Creek, City Lake holds both largemouth and smallmouth bass. There is cover galore including: grass, rocks, submerged wood, concrete walls, and large flats. My personal best Arkasnas largemouth came from this lake. (Pictured at the bottom of the page)

  3. Prairie Grove Lake - This small lake provides the city of Prairie Grove with its drinking water, this is probably the reason for the "no motor" restriction. The lake has an abundance of hydrilla and coontail moss for bass to hide in along with some submerged timber and rocky cover. During the winter months the lake is closed so the fish are literally untouched until springtime. There is a small launch fee to fish this lake, but with 5 lb largemouth being caught regularly it is well worth it. 

Siloam Springs City Lake Hawg

There are some other great no motor lakes around NWA and throughout the rest of the state. If you have one these lakes in your area that is a good fishing hole, post it in the comments below. We are all always looking for our next "no motor" adventure! 

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