Sunday, January 4, 2015

Kayak Fish the Capital City - Little Rock Kayak Launch Points

You don't always have to travel far from the city to find a great fishing hole. If you know where to go, Little Rock offers anglers plenty of awesome kayak fishing opportunities. I recently spoke with Chad Tarver and Chris Carter of the Central Arkansas Kayak Anglers and they filled me in on some of the best launch points in or near Arkansas's largest city.

Little Rock, Arkansas
Little Rock Kayak Launch Points:

1. Sleepy Hollow Access - Bass, bream, and the occasional pickerel can be found near this Lake Maumelle access point. The magic really starts happening in February and March when the white bass run up the river to spawn.

2. Maumelle River Pinnacle Mountain Visitor Center - You can paddle up stream to fish smaller water or paddle downstream where the river really opens up. Very good bass, bream, and crappie fishing can be found here.

3. Little Maumelle River Access - This access is the beginning of an 8.2 mile water trail that ends at the next spot on the list, Two Rivers Park.

4. Two Rivers Park - You can slowly float downstream or paddle upstream for a chance at a mixed bag of every species that inhabits the Arkansas River. At the halfway point the Little Maumelle almost turns into a big cypress filled lake. Check it out on Google maps.

5. Burns Park - This launch point offers some protected water off the Arkansas River. Kayak fisherman can stay out of the big rivers heavy current and fish behind wing dykes or paddle into some backwater areas that also offer some good fishing.

6. Lake Conway - Located just outside of Little Rock, Lake Conway offers some very good angling opportunities. Pick a spot and have fun. Good crappie fishing December through April. The bass crank up early because the lake is so shallow and warms up faster than other bodies of water in the area.

Big thanks to Chad and Chris for sharing these launch points, if you know of any others in the area post them in the comments below. Tight lines and happy new year everyone, see you on the water.

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