Sunday, January 11, 2015

Degray Lake Hybrid and White Bass

This information is courtesy of Garett VanWie of the Kayak Bass Anglers of Central Arkansas. Find their page and tournament series information on Facebook.

Beautiful DeGray Lake 
This article is going to focus on the best DeGray Lake launch points for chasing White Bass and Hybrid Striped Bass.

First and foremost I want to say that DeGray is quickly becoming a White Bass and Hybrid Bass Hot Spot. There are times we go out and catch 20-50 each during the summertime. During the spawn the total of fish is hard to count. You will be tired, and sore, at the end of the day. These launch points will be dealing with the best places to find DeGray Lake White and Hybrid Bass.

1st we will look at the Spawn

Amity Landing is a very busy place during this point of time. You will have to fight the big boat traffic, and that can be a headache at times. Most of your Big Boats will go to what they call the second shoal, but the fishing is good right off the boat ramp. I will troll white Berkeley Ripple Shad or white rooster tails behind the Yak while I paddle up river. On some of my best days I have only had to paddle up to the Power lines and back. You can expect to catch your limit in a hurry during the spawn, but take your time and enjoy the scenery.

Another great launching point for the spawn is up river at the Highway 84 Bridge on the Caddo River. The first part of this float will be too far up river for the white bass or hybrids to run, but always be on the lookout for breaking fish. During the first couple of miles you will be fishing for Smallmouth and Spotted Bass. Work small minnow style Rapalas, in blue and silver, in the current and small soft plastics around structure. I like crawfish imitating soft plastics, just make sure it has some orange in it. The float will take 5-8 hours or longer, it just depends on how hard you fish. This is also a great summertime float to chase smallies and spots. The Take Out location will be at Amity Landing.

2nd Late Spring/Early Summer

Arlie Moore is a very poplar boat ramp for Big Boats but not a very good one for Yaks. However, some of the best White Bass fishing comes from the cove that connects to the ramp. I have a place that I launch that is never crowded, and it’s closer to the action. Here are the GPS coordinates 34.270077, -93.178243. It is a small little levy between Arlie Moore and Caddo Drive Recreation Area. Put in and troll using White swim baits or white rooster tails. Always watch for breaking fish. The best time to go is about 3 hours before dark. Sometimes the fish are biting even after dark.

3rd summertime

Launch your Yak at the DeGray Lake State Park Lodge. It is a very nice place to stay and eat. They have a full restaurant and nice comfy beds. Paddle out from the boat docks behind the lodge straight out to the two islands. Troll until you can find the breaking fish then cast into them. The fish will be rising and falling in the water column this time of year, so use Kastmaster spoons in a jigging motion if the fish decide to stay down. If you have a fish finder, USE IT. These schools move fast and can be hard to keep up with.

DeGray is a beautiful lake. It is a lake that has a bunch of traffic on it year round. So please wear your life jackets and be safe. Good luck and happy fishing. 

Garett VanWie

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  1. Nice post. My family visits the lake every 4th of July