Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Arkansas Kayak Anglers Christmas Classic Recap

51 anglers attended the classic
On December 14th 2014, I had the honor of being the tournament director for the first annual Arkansas Kayak Anglers Christmas Big Bass Classic. An event benefiting the Northwest Arkansas Children's shelter. To be clear, I did a lot of the talking that day, but this event was only successful because of the hard work of the AKA tournament committee. Ben Morton, Tim Hotchkin, Gerrad Golden, Justin Graham, Brandon Taylor, Charlie Bond, Josh Sherrill, Kyle Fields, Clifton Calvert, Jimmy Davis, Cody Green, and myself put in countless hours of planning and organizing to make this event work.

Wow! What a huge success the event turned out to be! 51 anglers from three different states attended the event making it the largest kayak fishing event ever held in Arkansas. Our crew got there early to set up and before long the plastic navy took over the boat ramp. Anglers from Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri showed up to support the cause.

Start time was 08:00 am, the field jockeyed for position in a cove just north of the boat ramp. When I blew the starting whistle some of the anglers dug in and started racing to a spot. Some of them just eased out of the cove with no urgency, it was a great sight to behold even if I was crazy jealous that I wasn't out there with them.

The video below shows scenes from the event:

Fishing was slow on tourney day, several of the anglers reported in with no fish that met the length minimum. The wind picked up by mid afternoon, chasing several anglers off the water early. But at the end of the day the top five were able to grind it out and find some fish long enough to put them in the money. 

Blaine Wood's 19"  large mouth took 1st place
Top 5 (R-L) Blaine Wood, Chad Sanders, Scott Moseman, Josh Shelton, Clifton Calvert
$1,331 and a big box of toys was brought in for the shelter

These events would not be possible without support of great sponsors

The AKA is so proud of the end result of the first Christmas Classic. Getting to do what we love and give some kids a better Christmas made the day of everyone involved. We are already looking forward to next year and making the event bigger and better! Merry Christmas everyone :)

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