Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015 Kayak Fishing Resolutions

The clock has just struck 12 here in Arkansas and like people all over the world I was thinking about what my answer will be for the inevitable question "What's your new years resolution?". Of course there are all the cliche resolutions: I want to eat healthier, work out more, be a better husband, father and better person in general. But I thought it would be fun to lay out some kayak fishing resolutions for 2015. So here they are.

My Yak Fish Arkansas 2015 Kayak Fishing Resolutions

  1. Fish More - Yeah, I know that sounds simple but that is a real goal of mine. Even if its just a few days more than last year I know that being on the water makes me a happier, more productive person.
  2. Master a new technique (or two) - Like most anglers I have a tendency to stay in my comfort zone when chasing fish. Learning a new technique requires patience and I think we all have a tendency to hang it up and go back to something more familiar when the bite is tough. So this year I want to have the patience to improve my drop shot fishing and my use of electronics for deep structure fishing. 
  3. Introduce someone to kayak fishing - It is always a thrill to take someone out for their first kayak fishing trip. Even experienced anglers get excited when catching their first fish from the kayak, so the more people all of us can get out there, the more the sport will continue to grow. 
  4. Fish five new bodies of water - Just like mastering a new technique, sometimes anglers like to stay in that comfort zone and will gravitate to their "honey hole" instead of exploring new water. Five new bodies of water for 2015 is probably a low number, I would love to triple that. Being a kayak angler opens the door to so many areas in accessible by other means, so get out there and explore.
  5. Streamline my gear - Ask anyone I fish with regularly and they will tell you, I am a tackle hoarder. During a tournament it is not an uncommon occurence for me to have 8 rods rigged up with one or two more in the hull (ridiculous). So for 2015 I vow to streamline my gear and reduce what I carry in the yak .... maybe :)
I could probably keep adding to the list and I'm sure all of you can come up with a list that is completely different. So if you do set a New Years resolution, fishing related or not, good luck. Feel free to share your resolution's in the comment section below. 

Happy New Year and tight lines to all of you!

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